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The key to understanding is within ourselves – Tao Meng

Understanding and responding to food trends with Tastewise

Knowing where to start with AI

Euroma’s ultramodern factory

Untapped opportunities for goat milk

AI implementation in practice

OneUp provides innovation strategies to the food industry

ADM: “Innovation is at the core of what we do”

‘I want to make sure that IFFI stays relevant’

The path to ‘protopia’

The breeding ground for food businesses

Searching for the holy grail of vegan meat substitutes

We need to look at the availability and interchangeability of raw materials

Focus on the three Ps: People, Planet, Profit

True pricing of sustainable food

The revaluation of food offers opportunities to the industry

Leverage existing knowledge

IFFI Art & Food event: a day to honour the presentation of food

Continuously improving recipes

Digitalization is second nature for the new generation of operators

Nedmag: ´Magnesium chloride is a core product, the basis for our existence´

Saving energy does not only benefit the climate, it benefits the company

Serendipity is the key word

Interview with Mascha van Amesfoort, chef Castell in Zaandam: ‘After 27 years in this profession, I still enjoy cooking every day’

Climate neutral, dairy and plant based 

How to turn innovations into success – IFFI startup event

“Partnerships between startups and large companies are very important”

IFFI Startup Event and culinary surprises, ´Anjou pigeon with pistachio cream and pickled blackberries and sage´

Inform and robotize

Creating value by engaging in business with ethical responsibility

Process safety in the food ingredients industry

The war in Ukraine:  a catalyst to make more sustainable choices?

Innovating in dynamic unpredictable times: how technology affects all parts of the innovation process

Chromatographic separation technology, underestimated or not?

We see changes in the customer’s requirements for food safety and quality

´́Plant-based? We still have to find the Holy Grail´

The plant-based market is in a pioneering phase

Personalized Nutrition: ´A world to win in the food ingredients industry

Royal Koopmans introduces Nedertarwe: sustainable wheat from Dutch soil  

Stable products, easy to handle and ready to use

Bunge Loders Croklaan wins FI Europe award with first 100% shea-based cocoa butter equivalent

“We strive towards circular chains”

“A top note delivers aroma, but it doesn’t deliver the fishy, fatty mouthfeel that a middle block does”

IFFI members win Awards at FI Europe

Sustainable production starts with measuring

Respect for the environment

‘I’ll have a vegan schnitzel today’

Clean and clear with kitchen technology

“Sustainability and innovation go hand in hand”

Smart Factories in the food ingredients industry; easy and efficient for the operator

Keeping the human factor present in digital factories

New powder blending facility operational!

IFFI member Ruitenberg wins award with Rudin®ProVega Faba Bean Nuggets

Together up-to-date 

Anja van der Wurff: You have to change it all around´

Food legislation: what do you have to know?

Optimize success rate of Marketing

Are E-numbers futureproof?

Virtual assistance and food safety

Clean label = Clear label

Online innovating, diverging and converging out-of-the box ideas online

Online meeting, virtually not different from personal meeting!

Linkedin, from a hunting ground for talent to a social network for business

Chain integration proves value in times of Corona

Co-creation: more than a buzzword

Serendipity – allow chance

A mystery or a sensible secret

Plant-based dominates new balance

Vegan or meat lover? Long live the freedom of choice!

Is delicious healthy still tenable?

From clean label back to the source

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