Innovation is at the core of what we do 

ADM is a premier global human and animal nutrition company, blazing new trails in health and well-being as their scientists develop products to support healthier living. The company is an innovator leading the way on industrial solutions to replace petroleum-based products. ADM is a supply chain manager and processor, providing food security by connecting local needs with global capabilities.

The company was founded in 1902 as an American company, and it has evolved into a global enterprise operating also in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Geert-Jan Hultermans serves as the Operations Director EMEA Carbohydrates in the Netherlands, overseeing the company’s activities in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Geert-Jan focuses on Starches and Sweeteners Products.

What is your role at ADM?

“In the Netherlands, ADM is involved in various activities. In Amsterdam, we focus on flavors, while in Rotterdam, our main focus is on oil processing. The sector I am responsible for is not present in the Netherlands but is primarily located in Eastern Europe, Morocco, and China. I oversee the branch that concentrates on processing starches and sweeteners from maize and wheat.”

What are the challenges for ADM?

Geopolitical situation

“As one of the leading growers of wheat, corn and barley, Ukraine is a critical pillar of global food security. Since February 2022, in addition to prioritizing the safety of our Ukrainian colleagues and their families, ADM has been focused on supporting Ukrainian farmers and ensuring the flow of food to those who need it around the world. We’ll continue to use all of our resources and work with all of our partners to find other routes for Ukrainian grain to reach world markets, but there is no true substitute for Ukraine’s ports on the Black Sea. This is not the only region contributing raw materials; we source from other geographical regions as well.”

Qualified personnel

“We want to contribute to the development of our people. Therefore, we offer internships and graduation programs and collaborate with technical universities, not only in the Netherlands but also abroad, such as in Bulgaria and Turkey. We provide international students with opportunities to work at various ADM locations across Europe to gain experience. Fortunately, we are seeing a positive trend in terms of diversity, with more women choosing technical education.”

ADM’s culture promotes diversity, equity and inclusion in all roles at all levels in the organization.


“We are constantly looking into improving our processes and facilities, and modernization of our factories through automation is a part of that. We also look into upcoming technologies, for example, we are one of the founding-members of an industry-wide initiative – Covantis – to modernize global trade operations, aiming at connecting the agri-industry via an independent and trusted digital platform to enable post-trade efficiency for all participants.”


“Sustainability is a priority for ADM, and our focus is around feeding the world, protecting nature and enriching lives. From achieving 100% traceability across direct and indirect soybean suppliers in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay to bolstering the company’s water goal to meet a 10% absolute reduction of water consumption by 2035 over a 2019 baseline, we also introduced a goal to reduce absolute Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 25% over the 2019 baseline by 2035.

We are also working with farmers on regenerative agriculture practices, which can leverage the land’s ability to sequester carbon, enhance biodiversity, and help protect and preserve soil and water.”

What are the future plans of ADM?

“ADM’s work to continuously provide innovative solutions to its customers and commitment to sustainability are the core of what we do now, and tomorrow.”

Why is ADM member of IFFI?

“Participating in IFFI offers opportunities for collaboration and learning from diverse companies in the ingredients industry. The platform fosters synergy, encourages product and process innovation, and provides a valuable space for staying informed about industry trends and developments.”

For more information check www.adm.com.

Geert-Jan Hultermans