The breeding ground for food businesses

The IFFI Masterclass ‘Food Challenge‘ on Thursday, November 2nd, takes place at Kitchen Republic in Amsterdam. At Kitchen Republic, startups in the food industry have the opportunity to shape their food concepts in a professional kitchen. Kitchen Republic has evolved into a network where startups can learn and connect with other startups and corporates in the food industry.

The idea for Kitchen Republic originated a few years ago. The company was founded by Bart-Jan Veldhuizen and Emma Veerhuis. Bart-Jan, who studied history and encountered a similar concept during his studies in the US, brought the concept to The Netherlands. With Kitchen Republic, he aims to support startups with innovative food products. Kitchen Republic provides flexible kitchen and production spaces to startups, fostering the creation of innovative products.

Besides renting spaces, the company has expanded its services, organizing events that bring startups together and connect them with retailers and service providers. Kitchen Republic offers a network for startups in the food industry. The network comprises about two hundred startups from The Netherlands and abroad, including companies supplying unique ingredients to the market. Some of these companies, such as MaGie Creations, Seaweed Solutions, and Fiber Foods, will present their products and challenges during the event on Thursday.

Bart-Jan observes a growing need for such events, and a strong network, as startups and established companies seek ways to connect. “These connections are valuable for both parties. Startups bring creativity and fresh ideas to the table, whereas established companies have the knowhow and expertise.”

Go to https://kitchenrepublic.nl for more information.

Bart-Jan Veldhuizen
Co-Founder Kitchen Republic

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