Online innovating, diverging and converging out-of-the box ideas online

Since the COVID outbreak IFFI membering companies have succeeded in keeping the current business going. The COVID restrictions did not hamper the companies’ global supply of raw materials as well the export position of their food ingredients. What did hamper was, however, the future business as innovation projects with customers slowed down and sometimes come to a standstill. The portfolio of new business projects will be empty for next year budgets indicating and increased erosion of the current business portfolio.

A successful online innovation process


Instead of mailing samples of new food ingredients and applications to the customers’ innovation centres, the samples are mailed to the private home addresses of the customers’ R&D personnel. And food products are tested in the kitchens of private homes instead of professional innovation centers. But more importantly, at times of the COVID lockdown suppliers of food ingredients find it difficult to innovate with customers while meeting them online. They miss out of new ideas as they usually get from multidisciplinary ideation sessions with their customers. How to achieve a successful innovation process with customer online?

A collaborative online whiteboard platform

In the third module of the IFFI online masterclass ‘The New Normal in food managers and professionals working with innovation in the food ingredients industry experienced what it is like to carry out online an innovation process with customers. The module was facilitated with @StudioWhy supported by an advanced whiteboard called MIRO, a collaborative online whiteboard platform designed for remote and distributed teams.

Online Innovating

Create new ideas and be productive from anywhere

With Miro the participants practiced with a case ‘De Efteling’ and all the participants divided in different teams had to design a new attraction for this fun park. They all went through the different stages of the innovation process, from ideation stage to converging stage, developing and selecting the best concept and prototype of a new attraction at the fun park De Efteling. Q 4 hour session, very well facilitated by the remote coaches of StudioWhy, allowing us to experience what it is like to


Participants from different parts of the globe (Asia and Europe) together worked on the development of innovative projects, using Zoom (online video conferencing) in combination with Miro (online whiteboard platform). In ‘break-out rooms’ the participants worked in small groups on the creation and development of innovative ideas. The graphics of Miro make it easy to adopt the online innovation process and each participant contributes individually to the groups’ process of innovation. This contribution can be seen simultaneously by the other group members and together the participants develop this idea into a prototype.

‘Must try’

To change our mindset and allow ourselves to work together in an online creative studio as facilitated by Miro is a well thought of alternative to carry out innovation. A definite ‘must try’ for each professional or manager who works in the innovation discipline, expected to make a difference. Miro will help you to make this difference!

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