Focus on the three Ps: People, Planet, Profit

Ellis and Julia will be holding a presentation at IFFI’s 15 year anniversary event, the 21st of September. What is their expertise and what topics are they going to discuss during the presentation?

Ellis is a seasoned professional with a passion for both food technology and B2B marketing. Currently, Ellis Brouns holds a position as the Head of Customer Marketing Ingredient Solutions at dsm-firmenich. “I’m passionate about global B2B marketing and always look for pushing the boundaries of excellence in the food industry, both in the world of food technology as in (digital) marketing”.

Julia Besselink is passionate about improving health and sustainable food. In her role as nutritionist for the Savory portfolio at dsm-firmenich, she advocates for science-based nutritional ingredients and solutions for savory products such as plant-based alternatives, soups, and sauces. “I am working in close collaboration with the application teams to develop products with the right taste, texture, and nutritional value.”

The theme of the event is ‘Recipe for Growth’, what about this appeals to you?

Ellis: The whole world is changing now when it comes to food, which means we all need to adapt. We need to work together in the value chain. The way we approach it is by focusing on three Ps: People, Planet, and Profit.

Julia: We are working hard to support new products and innovations backed by the science. (Re)formulation of recipes is one of the topics we work on, meaning that we really aim to improve these in terms of nutritional values without compromising on taste.

How does this relate to implementing a sustainable growth agenda for your company?

Ellis: At dsm-firmenich, our foundation lies in providing delicious, nutritious, and sustainable food. This commitment defines our core operations, offering ingredients, expertise, and solutions while prioritizing the environment. Our focus on sustainability has three facets: facilitating healthier eating among customers, upholding our own responsibilities, and guiding customers toward greater sustainability. Our pursuits are harmonized with global developments, reflecting our dedicated alignment with meaningful causes.

And specifically for the discipline you work in?

Julia: Together with my colleagues at dsm-firmenich I am working on the development of plant-based alternatives, constantly seeking avenues to enhance our recipes and craft new ones. We firmly believe that both taste and nutritional values are capable of reaching exceptional heights. With nutritional values, I’m referring to the reduction of salt and saturated fat, while also emphasizing the significance of incorporating protein, omega-3 fatty acids and micronutrients, such as vitamin B12, vitamin D and iron. Our approach enriches our customers’ products, and we also offer technical and regulatory guidance.

Ellis: From a marketing perspective, we closely monitor market trends, encompassing both end consumers and business clients. To illustrate, we recently conducted a comprehensive global health concerns study here at dsm-firmenich. This study involved interviewing 19.500 consumers globally, in 26 countries, to grasp their health-related apprehensions in diverse regions. This valuable insight equips both our clients and our company to tailor responses effectively.

What will you demonstrate in your presentation?

Julia: We’re excited to share the key insights from our global health concerns study, as staying attuned to consumer preferences is pivotal. Understanding their worries, behaviors, and priorities is essential. What nutritional aspects, packaging attributes, or claims are important to them? By understanding this, we believe that together we can create new products that make a real difference in helping consumers eat healthier.

Building on these insights, we’re directing attention towards plant-based alternatives as a promising avenue to elevate nutritional profiles. This journey will encompass a deep dive into micronutrients and a comparative analysis between traditional meat, fish, and their alternatives. Particularly, we’re keen on emphasizing the importance of algal-sourced omega-3 eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) fatty acids as a valuable addition to fish alternatives, driven by a fusion of consumer perspectives.

What message would you like the participants to take home?

Ellis: I believe our narrative is incredibly expansive, offering insights that resonate with a wide audience. I extend a warm invitation to everyone to join us and partake in our discourse. It’s more about embracing a unique perspective rather than offering rigid solutions.

Julia: We’re intrigued by the obstacles our participants encounter when it comes to nutrition and their observations about new products and ingredients. We are looking forward to meaningful dialogues and inspiring discussions about improving nutrition and health.

Ellis Brouns
Head of Customer Marketing Ingredient Solutions

Julia Besselink
Nutritionist for the Savory portfolio