about iffi

About IFFI

IFFI stands for Ingredients for Food Innovators. IFFI is a Dutch business network of innovative producers of food Ingredients. IFFI expands the business and people development capacity of each member company by sharing insights, facilities and capabilities of the industry as a whole.

IFFI Board 2024

A message of the board

The world of food is changing continuously. For IFFI member companies to stay relevant for their customers, they need to be part of this change. IFFI’s mission is to stretch peoples perspectives and business boundaries to be purposeful in creating healthy, sustainable and affordable foods.

In order to do so we identify changes and trends and translate these to business opportunities and learnings for value creation. We connect companies, facilitate business and inspire people working in innovation, commerce and operation.

Network Facilitators

As network support partners we take care of the organisations and communication of all IFFI events and updates.

Marita Mantle-Kloosterboer
Marita Mantle-Kloosterboer
Event Management
Event Manager
at Key Conference Support
Iris ten Have
Marketing & Communication
Freelance copywriter
naomi heidinga
Naomi Heidinga
Marketing & Communication
Freelance copywriter


As board of the IFFI organisation we pride ourselves to serve our members, to be a counterpart of other relevant organisations and above all to contribute to our mission within the food ingredients business.

Dirk Lodewijk
at Royal Koopmans
Halbe Vogel
Management Consultant
at Vogelvlucht
Renee Boerefijn
R&D Director
at Cargill
Chih-Sung Ma
Board member
at Yama Products

Media Partner

EVMI is a platform for the food professional in the Netherlands and Belgium.
In each magazine edition an IFFI member shares her of his vision on the future of ingredient innovation.

janet kooren
Janet Kooren 
Chief Editor Food
at Alea Publishers

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