IFFI Startup Event and culinary surprises, ‘Anjou pigeon with pistachio cream and pickled blackberries and sage’

At the annual IFFI event, this year on the 14th of September, we will meet startup companies in food ingredients and discover opportunities for collaborating in markets, technologies, supply chains and product development. The event will take place in Kasteel de Vanenburg in Putten. The restaurant in the castle belongs to the five hundred best restaurants in the Netherlands. The kitchen team led by chef Richard Broersma (47) serves innovative and tasteful creations with passion and care. A guaranteed culinary surprise. Who is this Richard Broersma?

Since childhood

“My whole family works in the hospitality industry, so I have been confronted with it since childhood; washing lettuce, making ice cream, serving, you name it. Taking an education in that direction was therefore a matter of course”, says Richard Broersma. After his education, Boersma left for Switzerland to gain experience. He continues: “That country has a classic cuisine and I wanted to know more about it. I worked in a renowned hotel for a year and a half. After that I was kinda done with it. Especially with the long working hours. But it has been a hard, good learning experience. Then I went back to the Netherlands. At a time when it was not easy to get a job as a cook. Fourteen years ago, Vanenburg crossed my path. Since then I have enjoyed working in the kitchen every day and have been leading my team as a chef for nine years.”

He adds: “The nice thing is that we don’t only work for the business market. Eight years ago we also opened for private individuals. That makes the job a lot of fun.”

New ideas

The IFFI event is all about innovation and startups. Has the chef already thought about the menu that ties in with this? Unfortunately, he has yet to do that, but he does reveal that the Vanenburg is working on new menus. “In my spare time I’m almost always busy with that, I inform, look around, go out for dinner and that’s how the ideas come. With a team of 12 people, we give it our own twist. Everyone can have a say and think about it.”

IFFI event and culinary surprises

And on September 14th, there will certainly be some of that reflected in the new menus. So what should we think of as an example dish? Broersma: “In the Oosterschelde we have the Dutch Kingfish, which we make into a beautiful dish. A bit Eastern with Dutch influences. We can also serve these during the walking dinner, if so chosen. A dinner that consists of six to seven different dishes with adjusted quantities. Also think of an Anjou pigeon with pistachio cream and pickled blackberries and sage.”

Richard Broersma: “We don’t know yet what we will serve in the breaks. But it will probably be something that applies to the theme.”

Chop parsley

Finally, Richard Broersma says, it is extremely pleasant to work for Vanenburg. “It is a profession full of variety. Every day is different. Today we serve a luxury BBQ, another day it is a walking dinner. And yes, it is hard work. After all, I also have to manage the team. But I do it with pleasure. Friday morning is my office day. Then I work out lists, make schedules and order. But I also work in the kitchen. I don’t care if I have to chop parsley, for example. Everything is fine. Let me work in the kitchen, I don’t have to be in the picture.”


Are you joining us at the event?