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Food Ingredients | your recipe for growth!

IFFI Anniversary Event

21 September 2023

iFFI Anniversdary Event

At the IFFI Event 2023 we will celebrate the 15th anniversary of IFFI! Together with leading companies and captains of the industry we will tackle the quest for one green planet, and inspire innovation in global supply chains manufacturing healthy food ingredients. What does it take to develop sustainable food systems today and capitalize on them, 15 years from now? From a food ingredients perspective, this is your recipe for growth!

IFFI Event 2023 provides a platform for food ingredient companies, their customers and stakeholders to elaborate on food system innovation and make this world a greener place.

The IFFI Event 2023 is about the future of the food ingredients industry. How do we grow while answering the quest towards a greener planet? Since 2008, 15 years ago, innovation always has been a focal area of IFFI. We always focused on providing sustainable business perspectives for our membering companies, from an economical but also from an ecological point of view. Today, we notice these two increasingly go hand-in-hand. It is up to the food ingredients industry to incorporate these point of views in its growth strategy and to innovate. But how? During the IFFI Event 2023 industry experts and membering companies will share their best innovation cases, driven by sustainability, health and food affordability. On the premises of Landgoed De Salentein, executives and professionals of IFFI membering companies, their business relations and stakeholders will acquire high level strategic insights on the food ingredients business perspective in 2038. Another 15 years from now!


09:30 – 10.00 hrs


10:00 – 10.05 hrs
Welcome – Ruud Peerbooms, chairman IFFI

10:05 – 10.20 hrs
Introduction – Michiel Peereboom, chair of the day

10:20 – 11.00 hrs
Landbouwakkoord –  Keynote speaker of Ministry of Agriculture (to be invited)

To match the European Green Deal targets by implementing a transition of the Dutch agricultural practice between now and 2030 is one of the most profounding political agenda’s in years. Under the responsibility of Mr Piet Adema, Dutch Minister of Agriculture, an economical perspective of the agriculture sector during and after the transition phase has to be defined. Including that of the food ingredients industry, by far the most important user of agricultural products and raw materials. The underlying convenent ‘Landbouwakkoord’ will be a guideline for a fundamental change in the Dutch agricultural practices impacting the future businesses of food ingredients producers. The keynote speaker will relate and answer to the business outlook of the food ingredients industry in 2038.


11:00 – 11.15 hrs


11:15 – 12.15 hrs
From civilian to consumer – Keynote speaker of Dutch retailer (to be invited)

Over the years the retail has proven to be successful in serving consumers with a defined assortiment of products as well as directing its suppliers how these products should be produced. Above many the retail is an important link in the food chain to be able to stop the civilian versus consumer discussion and ask the consumer to pay – on behalf of its responsibility as a civilian – for the ‘true’ ecological and societal costs of food. And when both consumer and civilian have similar buying incentives how the business perspective of sustainable and healthy foods look like in the retail channel in 2038? What will be the contribution and role of the food ingredients industry 15 years from now?

11.45 – 12:15 hrs
From consumer to producer’ – Keynote speaker of food ingredient producer (to be invited)

Producers of food ingredients are the first link in the food chain to add value to agricultural products such as grains, cacao beans, palm nuts, milk and sugar beets. They wish to capatilize on the ecological and economical potential of their global supply chains and deliver sustainable, healthy and affordable food solutions. In their quest for a green planet they are often requested by consumers, retailers and food producers to make their supply chains more sustainable. But to what extent and for which costs? How do you value and price a better world on top of a better product? The keynote speaker of leading food ingredient producer shares his/her vision on the market in 2038, both from a demand and supply point of view.


12:15 – 13.15 hrs

Inspiration sessions

13:15 – 13.45 hrs
‘Global Supply Chains’ – Kadir van Lohuizen, Noor Images

In a balanced and clarifying way Kadir van Lohuizen captures images of global food supply chains. Driven by this assignment Kadir travels around the world and has photographed a wide variety of supply chains of food ingredients. The potential to drive sustainability by leveraging on the global footprint of the food ingredient producers is enormous. Question is how these global supply chains can make a contribution to sustainable food systems in 2038? The answer lies in the lens of a photographer.

Parallel sessions

13:45 – 14.00 hrs
Introduction of speakers by Michiel Peereboom, chair of the day

14:00 – 14:45 hrs
First round

  • Sustainabilty: ‘Climate neutral manufacturing’ by speaker IFFI membering company (to be invited)
  • Health: ‘Healthy product is a matter of good taste’ by speaker IFFI membering company (to be invited)
  • Affordability: ‘Sustainable sourcing’ by speaker IFFI membering company (to be invited)


14:45 – 15.15 hrs

Parallel sessions

15:15 – 16:00 hrs
Second round

  • ‘Sustainability: Next to products how to valorize services’ by speaker IFFI membering company (to be invited)
  • ‘Health: Unlock the natural health in food’ by speaker IFFI membering company (to be invited)
  • ‘Affordability: How to price a better world’ by speaker IFFI membering company (to be invited)

Plenary feedback parallel and discussion by moderator

16:00 – 16:15 hrs


16:15 – 16:55 hrs

‘Back to 2038 – Michiel Peereboom, chair of the day

In 2038 the agricultural practice and supply situation of raw materials has changed in many parts of the world. Next to products the food ingredients industry contributes to the creation of one green planet, in short a better world. But in the year 2038 how do we look (as a companies and professionals)?


16:55 – 17:00 hrs
Closing comments and toasting on 2038 – Ruud Peerbooms, chairman IFFI

Drinks & Dinner

17:00 – 20:00 hrs

Michiel Peereboom

Michiel Peereboom is a remarkable moderator who combines creativity, humor and online media for the facilitation of events.   

Michiel Peereboom graduated from the University of Groningen in 2001 as general practitioner, after which he specialised as a comedian, filmmaker and copywriter. Apart from his comedian work, Michiel also writes humoristic texts for radio, tv and other comedians.

IFFI spreker michiel peereboom

Kadir van Lohuizen

Kadir van Lohuizen (Noor Images) has covered conflicts in Africa and elswhere but is properly best known for his long term projects on the seven rivers of the world, the rising sealevels, the diamond industry and immigration in the Americas.

Kadir´s most recent and ungoing project Food for Thought he investigates the entire Duch food chain and how cutting-edge tech made the tiny Netherlands a major exporter of food.

iffi spreker kadir van lohuizen

Ruud Peerebooms

Ruud Peerbooms is President Algae Ingredients and responsible for the business unit Algae Ingredients; he is member of the Executive Committee since April 2020.

Before becoming President Algae Ingredients, Ruud Peerbooms was SVP Food at Corbion. Prior to joining Corbion, he worked at Kerry Group and Unilever in business development and sales. He started his career at Akzo Nobel.

Ruud Peerbooms holds the Dutch nationality and was born in 1969.

iffi spreker ruud peerebooms

The IFFI anniversary event ‘Food Ingredients | your recipe for growth’ is for executives and professionals working within the area’s Commerce, Operations and Innovation of the food ingredients industry. The event is for those who are employed by the IFFI membering companies today, but also for those who have proven to be a strong supporter of IFFI in the past. Also business relations of the membering companies are welcomed to participate in this in-industry event of food ingredients. Sharing insights and best practices gathered over the last 15 years and elaborating on those to predict the next 15 years! Making this world a greener place. IFFI, your recipe for growth!

Registration fees
IFFI members: free
Non-members: € 900,- excl. VAT


The IFFI Event 2023 includes lunch, dinner and drinks.

Registration is open for members and non-members:

  • IFFI Members: participation is covered by the membership fee.*
  • Non-members: € 900,- (excl. VAT). Non-members can complete the registration form. After validation, an invoice will be sent.

* IFFI members are executives and professionals employed by the IFFI member companies


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21 September 2023
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