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Food Ingredients | your recipe for growth!

IFFI Anniversary Event

21 September 2023

At the IFFI Event 2023 we will celebrate the 15th anniversary of IFFI! Together with leading companies and captains of the industry we will tackle the quest for one green planet, and inspire innovation in global supply chains manufacturing healthy food ingredients. What does it take to develop sustainable food systems today and capitalize on them, 15 years from now? From a food ingredients perspective, this is your recipe for growth!

IFFI Event 2023 provides a platform for food ingredient companies, their customers and stakeholders to elaborate on food system innovation and make this world a greener place.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout. There were many new faces, yet also a lot of familiar ones. In that sense it truly felt like a reunion.”

– Erik Petter, Executive in Dairy at Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods

“IFFI holds a lot of value for us. When something happens in the Dutch ecosystem, this is where we go and find that information.”

– Dimitris Karefyllakis, co-founder of The Traveling Milkman

The IFFI Event 2023 is about the future of the food ingredients industry. How do we grow while answering the quest towards a greener planet? Since 2008, 15 years ago, innovation always has been a focal area of IFFI. We always focused on providing sustainable business perspectives for our membering companies, from an economical but also from an ecological point of view. Today, we notice these two increasingly go hand-in-hand. It is up to the food ingredients industry to incorporate these point of views in its growth strategy and to innovate. But how? During the IFFI Event 2023 industry experts and membering companies will share their best innovation cases, driven by sustainability, health and food affordability. On the premises of Landgoed De Salentein, executives and professionals of IFFI membering companies, their business relations and stakeholders will acquire high level strategic insights on the food ingredients business perspective in 2038. Another 15 years from now!

All lectures will be held in English, with the exception of the introduction by Michiel Peereboom

Dirk Lodewijk - Chairman IFFI


09:00 – 09:30 hrs


09:30 – 09:35 hrs
Welcome – Ruud Peerbooms, Chairman, IFFI

09:35 – 09:45 hrs
Introduction – Michiel Peereboom, Chair of the day
The introduction will be in Dutch. 

09:45 – 10:30 hrs
How to value and price sustainably produced food? – Barbara Baarsma, Professor of Applied Economics, University of Amsterdam
As long as consumers are not widely willing to pay more for sustainable products, government regulation is needed to make the economy and also food chains more sustainable. Barbara Baarsma explains how this can be done with stricter standards and taxes. However, even if governments do not implement effective environmental and climate policies, companies themselves can use instruments to green the food chain. Barbara discusses how companies can make use of the voluntary carbon market. Want to know more? You can find an interview with Barbara here.


10:30 – 11:00 hrs

Plenary Session

11:00 – 11:20 hrs
Introduction – Michiel Peereboom, Chair of the day
The introduction will be in Dutch 

11:20 – 12:00 hrs
Accelerating the plant based transition – Hans Meeuwis, CEO Cosun

Royal Cosun is a leading international agricultural cooperative, with the purpose to unlock the full potential of plants and create smart and sustainable solutions for current and future generations. Cosun develops food, food ingredients, animal feed, biobased ingredients and green energy. In doing so, helping to mitigate the impact of climate change and encourage healthy lifestyles. CEO Hans Meeuwis will share his vision on the role of the ingredients and food industry towards a sustainable future.


12:00 – 13:30 hrs

Inspirational session

13:30 – 14:20 hrs
Global Supply Chains – Kadir van Lohuizen, Photographer, Noor Images
In a balanced and clarifying way Kadir van Lohuizen captures images of global food supply chains. Driven by this assignment Kadir travels around the world and has photographed a wide variety of supply chains of food ingredients. The potential to drive sustainability by leveraging on the global footprint of the food ingredient producers is enormous. Question is how these global supply chains can make a contribution to sustainable food systems in 2038? The answer lies in the lens of a photographer.

Introduction of parallel sessions

14:20 – 14:30 hrs

Michiel Peereboom, chair of the day

Parallel sessions – first round

14:30 – 15:15 hrs

Sustainability: ‘Decarbonization of edible oil production´

Erik Schweitzer, Director Global Engineering, Bunge Loders Croklaan

Imagine the largest vegetable oil refinery and fractionation plant Europe has ever seen. It’s in the port of Amsterdam, designed to be a Smart Factory with high tech process technology, completely CO2 neutral and meeting the future standards of the international food industry. But what does it take to build the ideal performing factory, from a greenfield site, meeting tomorrow’s standards in food? And how to justify a business case based on the energy transition strategy? Insights will be shared about design dilemmas, technology challenges and planning constraints related to decarbonization, electricity network and building.

iffi event erik schweitzer

Health: ‘2038 Food for future generations’

Bart Bakker, Managing director, Scelta Inside

Today, consumers are increasingly aware that what they eat and how it affects their health. Looking ahead and predict what food products look like in 2038 it is of importance to focus on young consumers and deliver what they need. They drive food innovation touching on plantbased, clean and clear labels using natural ingredients to create great balanced taste profiles. Opportunities to address with innovative ingredients are for instance reduction of salt and articificial taste enhancers. How to create value in a wide variety of savoury applications with the umami taste of mushroom stems? Once a side stream of the mushroom processing industry, today a highly valued raw materials for natural taste enhancers.

iffi spreker bart bakker

Affordability: ‘Sustainable sourcing’

Remon Lanters, Purchasing manager, Euroma

To provide a proposition based on sustainability requires an enormous effort from the sourcing discipline of producers of food ingredients. The quality of raw materials as such is important, but today equally important are the conditions under which these raw materials are produced. Often these do not match sustainability requirements and supplier development programs are being established to redefine the supply chain. Investments are made to guarantee and support sustainability claims, pushing the overall price of food ingredients up. But how to transfer these additional costs to food producers and what will be the impact on the spendable income of consumers? Remon will answer to this and more questions related to sourcing raw materials within the context of sustainability.


15:15 – 15:45 hrs

Parallel sessions – second round

15:45 – 16:30 hrs

Dairy Sustainability Transformation: An eco-system innovation

Bing Xiaoyun, Sustainability Director, Interfood

While sustainable technological innovation often takes the spotlight, true innovation also occurs in the less visible realms of legal, finance, supply chain, IT and more. These often underestimated complexities play a crucial role in shaping the sustainability transformation of the dairy industry. Next to that, the change management element on people is the key. Put farmer in the center of the eco-system is essential. There is a need to recognize and address these multifaceted challenges to create a more comprehensive and effective approach to scale dairy sustainability.


‘Health: From a consumer perspective: Addressing the demand for nutrition and health’

Ellis Brouns, Head of Customer Marketing Ingredients, DSM Firmenich
Julia Besselink, Nutrionist, DSM Firmenich

In this presentation, Ellis and Julia will delve into the latest global consumer insights, unveiling the health concerns faced by consumers globally. They will also explore solutions designed to elevate the nutritional profile of (plant-based) foods. By understanding these essential aspects, producers can effectively meet the surging demand for healthier options, revolutionizing the food industry to serve the health-conscious consumer base. IFFI did an interview with Ellis and Julia, find it here

‘Affordability: How to price a better world’

Dirk Lodewijk, CEO, Royal Koopmans

Nederwheat is grain from Dutch soil and is sustainably cultivated by certified and progressive farmers according to strict guidelines. What was considered unthinkable until recently – high quality baking wheat from the Netherlands – has been realized by Royal Koopmans with a fine example of chain innovation. Dutch wheat grown sustainably by farmers for a fair price offers benefits for all links in the chain: the farmer, the miller, the baker and the consumer. But how to create value at an affordable price for all partners in the chain, including consumers, to benefit from? Royal Koopmans presents a perfect example of a successful business case justified by affordable prices.

IFFI speaker Dirk Lodewijk

Closing Session

16:30 – 16:45 hrs
Plenary feedback from parallel sessions – session moderators

16:45 – 16:55 hrs
Wrap up – Michiel Peereboom, chair of the day

16:55 – 17:00 hrs
Closing words – Dirk Lodewijk, IFFI

Dirk Lodewijk - Chairman IFFI

Drinks & Dinner

17:00 – 20:00 hrs

Barbara Baarsma

Barbara Baarsma is professor of Applied Economics at the UvA, chair of the DNB Bank Council and member of the Dutch Entrepreneurship Committee. From April 2016 to March 2023 she worked at Rabobank.

iffi spreker barbara baarsma

Hans Meeuwis, CEO Royal Cosun

Hans Meeuwis is Chief Executive Officer at Royal Cosun. He was President at FrieslandCampina, and Vice President, Global Commercial Operations at DSM. Hans Meeuwis joined Royal Cosun in 2021.


Michiel Peereboom

Michiel Peereboom is a remarkable moderator who combines creativity, humor and online media for the facilitation of events.   

Michiel Peereboom graduated from the University of Groningen in 2001 as general practitioner, after which he specialised as a comedian, filmmaker and copywriter. Apart from his comedian work, Michiel also writes humoristic texts for radio, tv and other comedians.

IFFI spreker Michiel Peereboom

Kadir van Lohuizen

Our special guest and speaker of the day is photographer Kadir van Lohuizen He has covered conflicts in Africa and elswhere but is probably best known for his long term projects on the seven rivers of the world, the rising sealevels, the diamond industry and immigration in the Americas.

In his most recent and ungoing project Food for Thought, Kadir investigates the entire Duch food chain and how cutting-edge tech made the tiny Netherlands a major exporter of food.

iffi spreker kadir van lohuizen

Erik Schweitzer 

Erik Schweitzer has been working at Loders Croklaan for more than twenty years in various engineering roles. Starting as a Process Engineer, he nowadays oversees the total technology platforms and CAPEX expenditure of Bunge Loders Croklaan including their latest project: building the largest vegetable oil refinery and fractionation plant in Europe. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to plan, design and build a future proof food factory, completely CO2 neutral, in the port of Amsterdam.

iffi event erik schweitzer

Bart Bakker 

Bart Bakker has been working as the Managing Director of Scelta Inside since 2019. Scelta Inside is a newly formed scale up company, created to develop, market and sell natural umami ingredients to the global food processing industry. Bart has been working in the food industry since 1991 and has been active for more than 30 years for top brands and companies in Europe like Kellogg’s, Schweppes, Coca-Cola and Royaan, always at the intersection of marketing, sales, innovation and general management. Under his own label VolgensBart he provides consultancy and supervisory board services to several MKB companies and acted as associated business partner of KplusV, a midsized Dutch consultancy firm, focused on the development of the agricultural / food industry in the Netherlands. He has a passion for food processing and is driven by business growth.

iffi spreker bart bakker

Ellis Brouns

Ellis Brouns is a seasoned professional with a passion for both food technology and B2B marketing. Currently, Ellis Brouns holds a position as the Head of Customer Marketing Ingredients at dsm-firmenich.

With her strong track record in global B2B marketing, Ellis Brouns remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of excellence in the food industry, both in the world of food technology as in (digital) marketing.


Julia Besselink

Julia Besselink is passionate about improving health and sustainable food. In her role as nutritionist for the Savory portfolio at dsm-firmenich, she advocates for science-based nutritional solutions for savory products such as plant-based alternatives, soups, and sauces. Julia works in close collaboration with the application teams to develop products with the right taste, texture, and nutritional value.


Bing Xiaoyun

Bing Xiaoyun is Global Sustainability Director at Interfood. She is a passionate Dairy Sustainability Professional and actively drives positive change in the industry through sustainable dairy practices. She’s committed to mitigating environmental impact, improving farm animal welfare, and building a better future for farmers and communities by promoting sustainability.


Dirk Lodewijk

Dirk Lodewijk is the CEO of Koopmans Koninklijke Meelfabrieken. He drives change and implements the value-added strategy necessary to make the organization sustainable. To accomplish this, he leverages 20 years of international experience in general and commercial management.

IFFI speaker Dirk Lodewijk

Remon Lanters

Remon has been working at Royal Euroma since 2019, currently holding the position of Purchase Manager, where he is responsible for sourcing raw materials (including functional ingredients, herbs, and spices) for all Euroma locations. Additionally, he oversees Euroma’s Vendor Quality Management team, which is involved in establishing and maintaining necessary quality control measures throughout the entire supply chain.


The IFFI anniversary event ‘Food Ingredients | your recipe for growth’ is for executives and professionals working within the area’s Commerce, Operations and Innovation of the food ingredients industry. The event is for those who are employed by the IFFI membering companies today, but also for those who have proven to be a strong supporter of IFFI in the past. Also business relations of the membering companies are welcomed to participate in this in-industry event of food ingredients. Sharing insights and best practices gathered over the last 15 years and elaborating on those to predict the next 15 years! Making this world a greener place. IFFI, your recipe for growth!

Registration fee
IFFI members: free

The IFFI Event is for IFFI members and invitees only.


The IFFI Event 2023 includes lunch, dinner and drinks.

Registration is open for members and invitees.


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21 September 2023
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