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Food Technology 2022 – Industry event for professionals in food

Industry event – for operation executives

14 April 2022 | 14:45 - 17:00

IFFI Event Food Technology 2021

Food meets High-Tech

What will the food system of the future look like? And what will be the role of food technology? Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) play a dominant role in steering manufacturing processes? To increase efficiency by preventing the maintenance and reducing failure costs? Which alternatives are out there to increase food safety? And how can we assure the required transparency in the food chain? The fact is, in 2050 over 9 billion people have to rely on food security. To make this happen the food industry needs to produce more efficiently, effectively, sustainably, and perhaps very differently.

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IFFI has been asked to organize the ‘Food Innovation’ module (April 14, afternoon) with three keynote speakers, who will present their views on innovation in the chain. 

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At the Food Technology Event 2021 IFFI hosts the Food Innovation module. IFFI members are invited to present the impact of hightech on food innovation. Which technologies are available today to produce foods which have not been produced before? How do we innovate with our customers and consumers online? What will be the impact of digitization of food modelling? And many more questions about foreign technologies and future foods will be answered by producers of food ingredients.



Halbe Vogel, IFFI


Plant based: opportunity or threat

The global plant based industry is growing rapidly and has a major requirement for novel, tailormade food ingredients to achieve improved taste & texture at affordable costs and adhering to the latest sustsainability requirements. What does it take to successfully tap into this exciting market

Maiko van der Meer, CEO/Founder, Novish


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New technologies and expanding scientific insights are emerging at an increasing pace.

While these offer many new opportunities for innovation to the food industry, that industry is operating in a less predictable society, facing the tremendous task to feed a growing population while reducing the environmental impact. The food industry is facing the challenge of how to develop attractive products with the right balance between taste, nutritional functionality and minimal environmental impact while responding to the growing need for targeted and more personalised solutions in taste and nutrition.

Johan Boot, Advisor, BF&LS


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Building local sustainable markets for Plant Based Ingredients by means of thermal cooking

Demand for Plant based, sustainable Food products is booming. Key success factors for success in the long run for these functional ingredients, are excellent taste, affordability and sustainability.

Technological know-how and experience, has opened ways to produce Ingredients with the right functionalities and the best sensorial experience that address current trends.

Less processed raw materials can be turned into high performing components by mechanical means, for instance air classified protein concentrates into top quality Textured Plant Proteins. By selection of local crops, a minimal environmental impact and hence sustainable footprint can be achieved. The thermal treatment combines cooking and mixing through low water consuming and highly Energy efficient processes, which minimizes carbon footprint and make the process Planet Proof. Food Safety is secured under closed and stable, controlled conditions. Processing conditions can be adjusted to create Ingredients addressing today’s challenges, such as: mouthfeel & texture of Textured Plant Proteins, Crumbs with a Bite and Pregel flours with specific solubility and viscosity profiles.

Codrico’s industrial set up in the Logistical heart of Europe’s largest harbor, assures a highly cost efficient production to supply the European Food market.

Huib Vermeulen, Business Development, Codrico


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Wrap Up

Halbe Vogel, IFFI


Event Closure

Maiko van der Meer has worked for Unilever Chemicals in various international business positions. His last position was CCO at Quest International (Flavors & Food Ingredients) after which he switched to the food industry in bakery, fish, meat, and vegan respectively. Maiko’s main interest is in identifying future customer requirements and translating those into R&D, Production and Supply Chain. In his current role as CEO of Novish, the EU market leader in plant-based seafood, that is the main challenge.

Johan Boot is trained as a protein chemist/biotechnologist. He started his career at Unilever as a R&D project and program manager for Unilever’s various food and nutritional ingredients categories. Johan has worked in both central R&D and operating companies. He also helped to set up a vegetable protein food startup in San Francisco and worked as an independent innovation consultant. Johan also worked as R&D program director for Griffith Foods, a global family business in herbs, spices, coatings, and sauces for the food industry. Since fall 2021, he is working as an independent consultant.

Johan Boot

With over 25 years of experience in Food Ingredient B2B, Huib Vermeulen has always worked on the interface of Commerce and Technology, at leading companies such as ADM, Corbion, DSM and Celanese. 

Working for Codrico, a well known pioneer in the field, has brought him back to work with Extrusion Technology, in which he specialized during his Masters in Food Science Technology at Wageningen University.

His current responsibility for Business Development enables him to pioneer in the domain of sustainable and natural Food solutions. Building a position in the market of Plant Based Foods, is one of his core activities.

HV oct

The industry event is for operation executives and executives in the food (ingredients) industry who wish to be informed about the latest developments and insights on food technology.


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14 April 2022
14:45 - 17:00
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