Forming relationships that broaden our network

Gerben de Vries is CEO of Codrico since 2019. Codrico modifies grain and legumes for application in a diverse range of products, including snacks and breakfast grain. In 2019, Codrico became a member of IFFI. We spoke with Gerben about Codrico’s innovations and IFFI.

Where do the innovations lie at Codrico?

“We modify raw material (corn and legumes) for very specific applications. For example, to be used as binding agent but also to be applied in 3D snacks. We also have a solution by which we replace potato flakes on the basis of a corn related product, meaning with the same taste and function as potato flakes. Cost wise, this is a very interesting solution, but it also has its advantages from a health perspective.

In terms of sustainability it is worth mentioning our meat alternatives. We produce textured proteins which can be used for vegetarian solutions. Since you are skipping an important step in the protein chain, the animal is no longer necessary, what you get is a huge CO2 advantage.”

What makes your company special within the food industry?

“First, the broad range of activities we are involved with. With our extrusion technology we can produce a wide range of food applications from diverse raw materials.

Second, we extract raw material from unique resources. For instance, we have access to a very unique resource from Argentina: an authentic type of corn. Also, we are very flexible within the food chain. For instance, we are not tied to a cooperation that puts us under the obligation to buy only from specific farmers. We also are not associated with large food companies, which enables us to act independently within the food industry. Finally, Codrico is one of the greatest food extrusion companies in North-Western Europe.”

How long have you been a member of IFFI? What are the advantages it brings?

“We joined IFFI two years ago because I personally know Halbe Vogel, the founder, and he had informed me about a possible membership with IFFI.

IFFI plays an important role for us in facilitating contact with members of the food industry in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Through network events or seminars, we form relationships with others and broaden our network. Besides that, we can participate in the many different workshops and masterclasses IFFI has on offer. Recently, for instance, a few of our employees at Codrico participated in a workshop on Value-Based-Selling organized by IFFI, which left them very enthusiastic.”


Codrico is a private independent company operating business to business in the fields of hydro thermal treatment of grain products and flours by extrusion and maize milling, for the production of grits for the corn-flaking, brewing, snack and corn flourindustries.


Codrico Head Office

  • Rijnhaven Z.z. 15
    3072 AJ Rotterdam
    The Netherlands
  • +31 (0)10-2906666
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